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We only work with attorneys and investigators.

If you are a private client, please have your attorney contact us for assistance.

Our goal is to provide quality professional investigations at an affordable price. We know when it comes to your family, you need to know the truth and we believe everyone should have access to professional investigations. We will do our best to work with you to ensure your peace of mind. Our investigators have recieved training from local, state and federal organizations. They have experience in criminal and corporate investigations. We will provide you with a professional investigation focusing on the goals you give us. A summary of the investigation will be provided in the form of a professional report of our findings including attachments that will prove or disprove your case. Our expert investigators have been trained in crime scene processing, interviews and interrogations, investigative techniques, physical evidence, narcotics, statement analysis, surveillance, and mobile device forensics. We focus on finding the truth without manipulation of the facts.


  • Mobile Device Forensics: We have a full service mobile device forensic lab.  Inluding mobile device repair, advanced extraction techniques and unlocking locked devices with the proper legal authority.
  • Criminal Defense:  Our investigators have over 20 years of experience specializing in interviews, interrogations, statement analysis, and crime scene processing. We have the education, training, and experience to investigate complex cases and obtain the evidence you need to effectively defend you. We also have specialized tools at our disposal such as CellHawk and Cellebrite to augment our capabilities. 

  • Skip Tracing: We are experts on finding witnesses.  

  • Specialized Equipment: We have surveillance equipment created by retired CIA surveillance experts to ensure we have the best quality evidence collected for your case. Day time or night time we can record the evidence you need. We also have full spectrum cameras that can photograph infrared or ultraviolet to show evidence not visible to the naked eye.